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Learn how to setup and configure our software.

TriggerBot Installation

To download the triggerbot, watch this tutorial.


Learn how to configure keybinds and settings, such as pixel detection radius, shoot time, etc.

Options Description Default
Shoot Time The amount of time the keybind is held down. - Can be toggled on or off within the UI. 500ms
Keybind When held down, the triggerbot will listen for color change in the pixel detection radius. - To change this, you will require you to edit and recompile the code. Right Click (RMB)
Pixel Radius The size of the detection radius. - Can be changed via slider. true

Editing the Code

To edit the code of the triggerbot, you will need Visual Studio Community.

Once you download Visual Studio Community, you will need to install the correct .net packages.

Once you have selected the packages shown in the image above, click Install while downloading.

After it has finished installing, find the .sln and double click on it.

When it finishes loading, double click in the empty space on the UI to view the code.


The keybind is located in the trigger function.

You can change "RButton" to the keybind you want to use.

                if (GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.RButton) < 0)

I'm still working on this so yeah.


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