Getting Started

Lunar V2 is an AI aimbot / aim assist for KBM and controller. Compatible with YoloV5, YoloV7, & YoloV8! Click here to purchase.


You will need to join the Discord to download the latest version of Lunar V2.

To see how to install Lunar V2, watch this tutorial.

Creating Your Account

To create your account, navigate to the create-account channel in the Discord.

Use the command "?signup" and a sign up link will be sent to your DMs.

After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the sign up page where you can enter a username and password.

You now have an account!


These are the configuration settings within the Lunar V2 UI.

Options Description Default
Sensitivity Sets the speed of the mouse movement. (Varies depending on in-game sens) 0.3
Delay The amount of time in between each iteration of the main loop. - The higher the delay, the smoother the aimbot. 0.001
FOV The size of the detection area. - The aimbot will only target if the player is within this box. 350
AI Confidence How confident the AI needs to be before recognizing the target as a target. 0.70
Pixel Increment The amount of pixels moved per iteration. 1
Strength Determines how smooth the aimbot is. - 100% being normal; 1% being really smooth. 80%
Aim Height Where the aimbot positions the crosshair. Starts at the top of the detection box (0). 20
Triggerbot Threshold Triggerbot will only shoot if its within the threshold. 5
Max Detections Limits the amount of detections. 5
Screen Resolution Use this if you have a unique screen resolution. 1920,1080
Use Strength Percentage Toggle strength percentage. - Dynamically sets pixel increment based on crosshair distance. true
Show FOV Overlay Toggle to show crosshair/detection box visual overlay. false
Show Lunar Vision Toggle to show window of what the AI is capturing, along with FPS. false
Show Detections Shows detected players within the FOV. - Show overlay needs to be enabled. false
Use Custom Resolution Toggle for using custom resolution. false
Use TriggerBot Enables triggerbot. false
Collect Images Saves screenshots (size of the FOV) to the "data" folder. - For manual training. false
Yolo Version Version of Yolo being utilized. YoloV8

This video helps explain the settings:

Common Issues

                    pip is not recognized as an internal or external command

One of the most common is incorrect Python installation.

Make sure you only have ONE python version installed.

Make sure the version of python you have is 3.10.5

                    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named < package name here >

This error just means you are missing a package. To fix this, install the package via:

                    pip install < name of the missing package here >

                    [!] CUDA ACCELERATION IS UNAVAILABLE [!] Check your PyTorch installation, else performance will be poor

This could be one of many things:

- Wrong Python Version
- Cuda Toolkit install Needed
- Nvidia Drivers Update

After changing any of these, uninstall and reinstall the requirements.

                  AttributeError: 'BetterCam' object has no attribute 'is_capturing'

For Lunar V2, you can fix this by enabling MSS in the config.json - will lower FPS

The best way to fix this:

Navigate to your Graphics Settings.

Select Browse.

Find and select python.exe (not the installer)

Select options.

Select power saving.

                  ImportError: DLL load failed while importing pyarmor_runtime: The specified module could not be found

This is caused by having a different python version than that of which was used to obfuscate the script (via pyarmor).

For Lunar V2, it is highly recommended to use Python 3.10.5 to avoid any issues.