Lunar V2 - Best AI Aimbot

An artificial intelligence aimbot for Keyboard & Mouse and Controller!

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What you will get
  • Lunar V2
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Understanding AI Aimbot

AI aimbot utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to enhance aiming. It detects opponents in real-time, enabling precise targeting. By analyzing the game screen, the AI identifies enemy positions, allowing the aimbot to adjust the player's aim for higher accuracy and performance.

Concerns about Ban Risks

Lunar V2 operates without altering game memory, significantly reducing the risk of detection. However, users should be cautious as excessive or obvious use of any aimbot can lead to reports by other players and potential bans.

Game Compatibility of Lunar V2

Lunar V2 can be tailored for various games through custom model training. Resources are available on Roboflow for datasets, and you can use Yolo for model training. Detailed guidance can be found in this video: How To Train YoloV8

Advantages of Lunar V2

Lunar V2 has been completely rebuilt from the ground up; Supports Yolo V5, V7, and V8 so it's compatible with pretty much any model; 25+ configuration settings so you can dial in the aim for any game; Has NVIDIA and AMD versions so you don't have to worry about compatiability (Exceptions for potato pcs);


We currently do NOT offer refunds for any reason. It is your responsibility to determine whether your computer specs are good enough to run Lunar V2.


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